A Tooth Fairytale


28 Jan A Tooth Fairytale

I’d like to share an amazing story with you, a story that might need a small intro…
My “baby” boy was always a handful. A little daredevil to say the least. Before he could even walk, he’d slide down the slide head first, giggling the whole way down. He managed to break his two front teeth before his first birthday, and then again before his second birthday. The second time was simply terrible! He decided to try his luck and go down a huge step with his push car, landing face down on the basement cement floor. As you can imagine there was blood everywhere, the teeth were both pushed up inside his gums, and pretty big parts chipped off. We rushed to the dentist and were informed that the little munchkin was lucky (something we’ve learned a few times in the past already). We were told to keep an eye out, and if the teeth go black, to come right back.

Luckily everything was fine, the teeth pushed back out on their own and didn’t turn black, and I came to terms with the fact that until his milk teeth fall, he’ll look a bit silly and keep splitting his bottom lip every time it comes in contact with the sharp ends of the broken teeth. But I definitely didn’t expect what came next!


Little man before… (Looking a bit drunk here. He wasn’t, I swear!)


… and not so little anymore man now.

About a month ago (and a good four years after the above drama), I was amazed to realize that his two front teeth, the ones you see here in the picture, have completely re-grown! Immediately I started searching for all the articles I read in the past, where people fixed their own cavities with diet alone. I found it fascinating to begin with that even that can be dealt with just by feeding your body what it needs, but I was shocked to find out that I didn’t even try and it actually worked!!

My boy eats a relatively healthy diet. I’d be lying if I said he doesn’t have any sugar or processed foods at all, but truth be told, he really hardly does (and by hardly I mean when it’s mom’s day off and daddy’s in charge). He’s a huge fan of fruit, eats most veggies with ease, and as long as it’s up to me, doesn’t even get a non-healthy option meal or snack wise. Oh, and hardly any milk products if at all. So no, I didn’t go crazy searching how to fix my baby’s teeth, but fact is, it happened. Thanks to his healthy diet, he has his teeth back and complete! Now let’s see how his new teeth look when these finally fall out 🙂


I’m known to stare at his teeth ever since I realized… Still blows my mind


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