Danna Levy Hoffmann

For nearly a decade, Danna has made it her mission to change people’s lives. Learning from top experts in her field, and never ceasing to investigate new findings, she is shaping the modern meaning of healthy eating and living. After spending thousands of hours learning from the global health experts, she’s decided to make it her life goal, to touch as many people’s lives as she possibly can.


Her journey to a healthier lifestyle started when Danna was first pregnant, and found out her mother has cancer. She then decided to turn her life around, to help her mom battle her illness, and to raise her little family unit be as healthy as possible. As you can imagine, a lot of things have changed since, both at her home, as well as at the homes of those she’s touched.


Danna’s clients are typically people who face the everyday challenge of eating and feeding their families a healthy diet but do not always find the time or are simply too tired by the time they are home from work. Danna guides them to get help, recipes, tips and tricks, in order to become healthier and happier through a nutritious and delicious lifestyle. They effortlessly lose weight and are granted a new dynamic lifestyle – feeling happier and healthier – while actually enjoying what they eat!


Her clients rave about, and admire her, exclaiming that she does not only lead them to a healthier lifestyle, but she also educates them in a fun, exciting, and engaging manner.


– Do you want to lose weight and gain a mindful lifestyle?


– Are you looking to have a healthier diet for both you and your family?


– Do you simply wish someone else could take care of the cooking and menu planning?


…well… Who doesn’t?!


Join our classes and see what Danna is all about!


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