And What Did You Eat Today?


06 Apr And What Did You Eat Today?

I decided to share our weekly food photos in a blog post instead of Facebook. Not because I don’t like Facebook (ah, who am I kidding, I hate it), but because I always get this feeling that as soon as I move on to write about the next photo, the encyclopedia I just wrote will all disappear… Silly me, I already had a decent amount of text when I came to this decision, and deleted everything with a click of a button, before cutting and pasting what I had… dow! Anyways, onwards we go, or more like backwards… bear with me 🙂



Never ever think that I’m a perfect mom when it comes to feeding the boys. I too end up with them at the local pizzeria when I have no energy, or have nothing in the fridge (or both…). Today was one of those days. So the boys and I ended up ordering half a meter long worth of pizza, with mascarpone and rucola. As was planned, there was plenty of it left for munch tomorrow (which gives mommy a free morning to run around). Woohoo!





Now for silly faces.





Yesterday we ended up at the forest for a quick bbq dinner. Our fridge literally had a cup and a half of cooked rice, and about 10 eggs. So I defrosted 400g of minced meat, and mixed it up with the rice, eggs, and a bunch of spices. A lovely dinner with cherry tomatoes and a bag of crisps (delicious organic tomato and rosemary flavored… Doesn’t make them healthier, but they’re delicious!).






I had to share this one as it made me crack up. So as you all probably know by now, I do all that’s in my power to avoid having the boys get too close to processed sugar and all that has it (and other crappy things) inside. They never even chewed gum before… I consider that victory. 
My youngest was invited to a birthday party this week, and one of the things he came back with was pop rocks. Side note: this was one of the things I could never resist when I was younger. Anyways Oldest finds it tossed somewhere in the room.
Oldest: “What is this stuff anyways?”
Youngest: “It’s for the bath!” 
Me: “Yup, for the bath!” and then tossed it in the garbage so I don’t get the idea to have it later on, or even worse, if Hubster finds it 😉







Our dinner a few days ago: Rice, baked beans, and sunny side up, with a bunch of veg on the side. Delicious!








Tried to come up with something interesting for dinner last week: I had some puff pastry I find at my organic shop, which is from spelt, and is delicious. I popped it in the oven to start baking, while I fried some fennel, kohlrabi, onion and garlic, added some cream and parsley, and popped it on the dough. When it came out, we shaved some of the aged cheese I brought in Amsterdam, and enjoyed every bite.


Grandma's Rice



Our all time favorite, Grandma’s rice! Never gets boring! Photo curtesy of Youngest 🙂





Oldest, very excited about the cheese I brought from Amsterdam. To his defense, it really was damn good cheese.


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