Coconutty Dinner

Coconutty Dinner

26 Jun Coconutty Dinner

You know those days, where you plan on doing something, posting a recipe for a (wild) example, and something will stop you from doing it every five minutes or so? That’s the day I’m having today. Not in a bad way I guess, as the things that happened to stop me were not necessarily bad ones. Food, family, good friends with great news, I guess I shouldn’t complain 🙂

Coconut Rice

My little handsome helper 🙂

I wanted to tell you about the great and very easy dinner we made last Friday. We had some beautiful white fish filets we bought that morning, which we often have with rice or cooked potatoes (as my father-in-law used to make for us every single Friday, when he was still alive). But this time I decided to try something new. We’re a little coconut obsessed. And when I say a little I mean a lot… So I checked Pinterest for a coconut crusted fish, and found a great recipe of a paleo coconut crusted fish.

When I went looking for a coconut milk can, I found two in the cupboard. Which is rare, because if I knew it was there, I would have used it up already 🙂 One can ended up cooking with the rice, so we had a beautiful coconut rice to go along with the fish!

Luckily I had all of the ingredients and went straight to work. If you’ve made a schnitzel before, this is exactly the same idea. You need three deep plates, one for the seasoned coconut, one for the coconut milk, and one for the shredded coconut. Each fish filet will be dipped first in the flour, then coconut milk, and then the shredded coconut, before ending up in the hot pan with some coconut oil. The crust ends up being pretty thick, so you want to turn down the heat of the pan to medium after it has warmed up, in order for the fish to cook through.

We served the coconut dinner with steamed beet salad (father-in-law’s recipe, he had a bunch of gems in his recipe book!).


A few simple ingredients can make a delicious meal come alive

The next day we had only three coconut crusted fish filets left, and the rice was devoured.I had to make a side dish that was a bit more rich and filling, in order for my men, both big and small, be fully satisfied when leaving the table. So, as usual, I just pulled out whatever I had in the kitchen, and made a quick side dish which turned out very delicious as well, and could be a meal on it’s own. I grabbed a beautiful eggplant, some ripe tomatoes, a spring onion and garlic.


The smaller you chop the less time it will take to cook


I chopped everything up, shortly fried the the spring onion and garlic in both butter and coconut oil, and then tossed in the eggplant and half a teaspoon of ground sea salt. I Stirred regularly. After about 5-7min I added the chopped tomatoes, a bit more sea salt, pepper, a tsp of raw sugar and some dry herbs. You can’t really go wrong with any dry herb you choose to use so feel free to be adventurous 😉

After bubbling for a few minutes, I covered and turned down the heat, and let it cook for a while. I wanted it as soft as possible so that maybe, my picky eater will not notice there’s eggplant in there. That didn’t really work btw, but as always my house rule worked. As we all have to taste something even if we think we might not like it, he had a taste, pretended not to like it at first (it wouldn’t be as much fun without the drama), but then ate it all.


Served it with lovely thin polenta and the leftover fish

Served it with lovely thin polenta and the leftover fish.

We’ll definitely be repeating this dinner again real soon!


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