Cooking with Mom and Dad


Cooking with Mom and Dad – Children aged 3 to 8

This two hour course is designed for children ages 3 to 8 (exceptions are welcome!), who show interest in cooking, baking, or just plain eating.

Important points you should know about our classes:

  1. We talk about foods to eat vs foods to avoid
  2. The kids will work on at least one savory and one sweet recipe per course
  3. We make everything from scratch. For example, if we make pizza, we make the dough AND the sauce, all on our own!
  4. The kids take the food they’ve made home with them, to share with the rest of the family
  5. We talk about safety in the kitchen, and particularly knife safety
  6. The kids learn what vitamins each ingredient has and what they are good for
  7. Lots of secret cooking tips and tricks
  8. How to deal with picky eaters, and how to avoid fighting about what your child eats
  9. All the recipes we work on during the course

All while cooking and baking lovely, delicious food.

This course is perfect for moms (and dads too!) who are looking for a unique, mutual experience with their child, and who have a passion for learning in the kitchen.

Young Cooks Starter Kit

In order to get started, each child will need some basic tools for cooking, and will be provided with the proper kit during the course. This kit will stay with me, but for your convenience, I have compiled an amazing Starter Kit of cooking equipment from the world renowned company Kuhn Rikon, which is now for sale with an incredible 30% discount for friends of Miso Cute! You can choose to bring the kit with you to our courses, or keep it for cooking at home together.

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