Homemade Vanilla Extract

01 Feb Homemade Vanilla Extract

We all know how ridiculously expensive those little bottles of vanilla extract are. They’s tiny, last no longer than a pancake breakfast, a couple of desserts, a posh fruit salad and a batch of cookies. At most! Plus who can guess what’s really in them?

When I first read online how easy it is to make homemade vanilla extract, I couldn’t believe I haven’t tried it before. I immediately made a point to get a few organic vanilla pods and a bottle of bourbon on my next trip to the shops. As soon as I came home I took a couple of glass beer bottles (you know, those nifty flip top ones) popped in five halved vanilla pods in each and poured bourbon over it. Then I closed the bottles and put them away in a dark corner of the kitchen.


Homemade vanilla extract

That was probably two years ago, and I’m still working on that same batch. I’ve already prepared the next batch, and just tossed the vanilla pods right into the original bottle of bourbon. With the right bottle, this could be a beautiful gift the next time your friends invite you for dinner, and you’ll still end up with PLENTY more of it 🙂 And just in case you were wondering, vanilla is pretty good for you too It’s packed with antioxidants!!


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