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Danna Levy Hoffmann

Danna Levy Hoffmann


Danna Levy Hoffmann
ZH Pfäffikon, Switzerland
076 509 5305


Being born and raised to a very food oriented family, and amazing cooks, I always found myself in the kitchen. During my teenage years in the US, one of my first work experiences was in American gastronomy (hosting at the famous Cheesecake Factory in the outskirts of Boston).

Back home in Israel, in my early twenties, I moved on to very successful catering companies. There, I could also move up fast, from waitress to event manager, managing a team up to 30 people. When I changed my job, in order to work for a newly opened restaurant in trendy and food-crazy metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, I had to start from the bottom again. But there, I moved up from washing dishes to become a chef. Then, my husband to be and I decided to move to Switzerland. Here, amongst many things, I also ended up working in tourism and gastronomy – and was happy to also host my own catering events.

My biggest dream has always been to educate children about healthy food, and the benefits of a good, well-balanced diet. Out of my desire to raise my children to become food-conscious, I myself have learned that we and our children can find enjoyment in culinary nutrition.

I teach moms and kids how to safely work in a kitchen and to make fabulous meals using nutritional, real-food products and ingredients.

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Thanks to Danna of Miso Cooking Course for making Pauline’s birthday party so very special. The children loved the experiments and had so much fun cooking with you. Pad Thai, Carrot Röstis and Fruit Pizza were delicious. Your fan club is growing!


It was great to see you again and thanks for an amazing cooking class! The food we made today is awesome and that rice is spectacular!!


Made the carrot latkes last night with the special sour cream dip and it was deeeeee-licious. And I ate them guilt-free since they’re one of your recipes =) Your class has really changed my cooking/eating habits, and I’m really grateful!


Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon of cooking up a storm! Gisele has now eaten everything and chopped and peeled every vegetable that was in the house.


Danna’s course is Wonderful!!! We can’t recommend it highly enough. She is a naturally gifted teacher and offers an incredibly easy and supportive atmosphere in the kitchen. The AWCZ is lucky to have her!


Thank you for the class yesterday. We were both absolutely giddy on the way home. I am thrilled that Abigail is sharing such a positive experience around food with good friends and a wonderful teacher. We are looking forward to the next one!


I really wish you luck, you have so much energy and enthusiasm! And I think this is so motivating for both the kids and the parents!


People don’t understand that when we recommend your course, we’re doing them a favor!


Today our family enjoyed the delicious banana pancake recipe, and scrumptious leftovers from yesterdays class. Zev & Sophias baby brother Ari couldn’t get enough of the vegetarian pate!


Breakfast was a hit!!! Sadly (or happily) it all disappeared so quickly we didn’t get a photo!” (referring to the Super Healthy Pancakes)


My favorite part of today was eating the chocolate banana & making hamburgers & picking berries (Referring to pretty much everything we did on our end of the course party)


Thank you for a lovely afternoon!! our family thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and all the delicious healthy food. thank you!!! (Referring to our end of the course party)


Overall, this has been a wonderful experience for us, and I look forward to joining you again in the future.


Highly recommended, my boys had so much fun cooking, baking and eating healthy.


Zev asked twice: “Can we do the cooking class again?” (After our end of the course party)


Can you make this cake for my birthday? (referring to the Simple Fruity Cake with whipped cream)

Sophia (3)

Luca to Daddy when we got home: I love Danna, she’s a great cook!


That was my 9-year-old son’s verdict, and after just one afternoon he is paying more attention to what I do in the kitchen. The course was perfect – healthy food cooked in a lovely environment with an enthusiastic teacher. Will definitely come again!

Andrea Hurley

You really are amazing at what you do….it is not the recipes which make your courses so amazing. It is you! Your enthusiasm, genuine love of what you are doing and your ability to really be an amazing teacher to little ones. The recipes are a tiny fraction of what you have to offer. Let’s...

Rose Schuit

We totally enjoyed your class Danna. Not only because Maileen had the chance to cook with mummy (the older sister not interfering) and spend an afternoon together but also because we’ve learned a lot from you and that was very interesting!! We will try and make your banana bread at home today. Thank you! We...

Anja and Maileen

Even though we haven’t had time lately to take one of your awesome classes, you’re still present in our kitchen. your winning salad sauce recipe is one of your weekly staples (everyone who comes here thinks it’s amazing and can’t believe how simple it is!), and i really think about food differently since having taken...

Dear Danna, It was a pleasure to meet you today and thank you for your kind welcome to Miso Cute. This is to say a big thank you for a wonderful workshop today. We enjoyed it very much, and your open and warm approach!


We really enjoyed the class, food and mostly the education on eating right by changing little aspects. Not that I’m ready to give up the steak but will definitely change some ingredients in my daily menu!


I just wanted to say thanks for the course on Saturday, we seriously had a great time, and we thought how you handled everyone (especially the little ones) in such a small space was really impressive. Lucas has been helping me prep I the kitchen this week too. And he’s obsessed with the fish family! Thanks...


Thanks, Danna, for creating such wonderful food for our Hawaiian themed party! All our guests (adults and kids) loved it and those who have been to Hawaii were amazed at how authentic it tasted! So grateful that you were able to put this together in such a short time, too, and considering that you had...


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