What’s in a Class?

Important points you should know about our classes:

  1. We talk about foods to eat vs foods to avoid
  2. The kids will work on at least one savory and one sweet recipe per course
  3. Amazing kits from Kuhn Rikon, which the kids get to use during the course (available for sale here)
  4. We make everything from scratch. For example, if we make pizza, we make the dough AND the sauce, all on our own!
  5. The kids take the food they’ve made home with them, to share with the rest of the family
  6. We talk about safety in the kitchen, and particularly knife safety
  7. The kids learn what vitamins each ingredient has and what they are good for
  8. Lots of secret cooking tips and tricks
  9. How to deal with picky eaters, and how to avoid fighting about what your child eats
  10. All the recipes we work on during the course

What do Classes Cost?

Classes cost CHF50/hour, which includes all ingredients, my time and the hire of the professional kitchen. Different bookings are available with discounts on block bookings, see below.

Booking Options
Class Number of Classes Duration Cost
Little Fingers 1 class 1 hour CHF50
Little Fingers 3 classes 3×1 hour CHF135
Cooking with Mom 1 class 2 hours CHF98
Cooking with Mom 3 classes 3×2 hours CHF235
Little Chefs 1 class 2 hours CHF98
Little Chefs 3 classes 3×2 hours CHF235
Adult Classes 1 class min 3 hours CHF125/adult

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