Private Classes

Do you want to learn how to cook? Need to change your weekly menus? Does your nanny need a bit of help figuring out what to make for the whole family? Do your kids love to cook, and you want to make it extra special for them? Or do you just want someone to come cook nutritious meals for the whole family while you’re busy doing something else?


No matter the reason, I offer private classes and cooking at the comfort of your own home. Check out what people said about their private classes:


“When I found Danna it was like finding the magic wand of cooking – you could wave it and before you would appear an amazing choice of food that you had perhaps not heard of or thought was possible! How do you make chocolate brownies and use no sugar or flour at all?! How could you make chocolate mouse and use no cream at all?! Infact cleverly pack it with healthy avocados and bananas instead and get away with it?! 


I was  looking for someone to help us with our evening meals on 2-3 days of the week. This was mainly to be able to introduce healthy food for my “not so interested in food” toddler!  When I approached Danna her answer was “I will do what is needed to help your child eat healthy food” She kept to her word and more! What Danna brought to us was a totally different experience, she not only showed us simple and healthy recipes, she opened a whole new world of organic and natural and vegan food!


I have enjoyed every moment of working with her, she is wonderful as a person, brings a lot of experience in different cuisines of the world and gives you what you ask for but with her own special turns and twists, tips and tricks! That’s what makes it much more than just a simple cooking class, it’s an experience by itself!


Many thanks and best wishes to you Danna in your endeavors to make the world a healthier place to live in!”


If you’re interested in Miso Cute coming to your home, please fill out the form below in order to receive a tailored price offer:

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