Turn on the Heat!


24 Aug Turn on the Heat!

camp2Turn on the Heat!

How was your summer break? Ours was AMAZING! Although many decided to run away somewhere abroad, the few of us who did stick around could enjoy an extra hot, extra sunny Swiss summer (which, as some of you may know, is not the default summer here in Switzerland).
 And right in the middle of that crazy heat, was a wonderful Miso Cute cooking camp.

 With a total of four girls and four boys, we’ve managed to cook up a storm and turn on the heat. Making things such as the always loved homemade pizza, delicious Pad Thai, Indian Dhal, my Grandma’s rice hit, and who could forget the delicious and veggie packed pasta sauce. The dishes reflected the cultural variety of the group. We had kids from different cultural backgrounds, a multilingual group consisting of English, Swiss German, High German, Spanish, and Hebrew. This big range of languages made the game Scattegories a lot more interesting 🙂

camp3We’ve also made lots of sweet yet healthy desserts. From banana nut muffins, to sesame cookies, banana bread which was quickly devoured and the pancakes that didn’t get much chance to touch the plates. And of course there were heaps of awesome experiments and fun yet educational games, all touching the subject of healthy food in one way or another. 

With the combination of great children and a great camp location, even the swarm of wasps didn’t get to ruin our fun. Urban cooking school is such a lovely location to run the camps. Peter has a wonderful terrace where he grows lots of vegetables, herbs and berries. The kids got to see how everything grows, and had enough space to run around or rest on the seats outside during our breaks. And when it got way too hot, we just made sure to quickly make our food, and then hop-skipped right down to the lake to cool off. And to top it all off, the wonderful Mascha Dahan, a dear friend and an amazing photographer, joined us to take spectacular pictures to capture the great fun we’ve had all week!

Contact me if you’re interested in sending your 5-13 year old to the next camp. It’ll be an experience they’ll never forget!



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