Upgraded Muesli

Musli bowl

02 Mar Upgraded Muesli

One of the only Swiss foods I’ve adopted to our family menu is the lovely Muesli. Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make a few changes here and there to upgrade it to the most delicious power food ever.


Simple changes, big difference

As most of you already know, the traditional Muesli (or I should really say Müsli), is basically oats soaked overnight in milk, some also add fruit juice to the mixture. Then grated or cut seasonal fruit is added, as well as yogurt and honey. You’re probably thinking to yourself “what is she on about? that should be perfectly healthy as it is!”. Well, you’re right, that’s a pretty healthy meal. But let’s take that meal and make it superfood!


Some of us didn’t have time to stop and look at the camera

My boys and I decided to make some Muesli the other day. We took the 6-Grain oat mix we received earlier in the mail from the wonderful Free From Supermarket, and soaked the grains in some lovely Kefir I buy in Germany (though you can easily make it at home). We added some chia seeds also purchased at Free From, and while those soaked away, we started adding pretty much every single fruit we had at home; Apple, pear, orange, kiwi and banana. We chopped a nice handful of walnuts and a bunch of dried figs, which gave it a nice sweet flavor, and pomegranate for extra antioxidants and flavor. We added hemp seeds for an extra crunch and of course health kick, and last but not least we added honey.


Happy hubby 🙂

We made such a big bowl, I was sure we could keep some to have the next day. Boy was I wrong…

Happy boys, happy hubby, happy momma 🙂


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